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Tax Strategies for Retirees

Managing taxes in retirement can be complex. Thoughtful planning may help reduce the tax burden for you and your heirs.

Frequently Asked Retirement Income Questions

A scannable list of frequently asked questions about retirement income planning with plain-English answers.

Using Trusts to Maximize Charitable Giving While Minimizing Estate Taxes

This article describes the key characteristics and potential benefits of two types of charitable trusts.

Saving for a Large Purchase

Saving for a large-screen television? A new car? A real estate down payment? This checklist can help you reach any savings goal.

Lower Your Tax Bill With Year-End Planning

See how year-end planning can lower your tax bill.

Resources to Help Those Caring for a Loved One at Home

An overview of resources available to people caring for a family member or loved one at home.

Growth vs. Value: Two Approaches to Stock Investing

Two fundamentally different methods of choosing stocks can help add diversity to your portfolio.

Buying a Car

A new car could be the most expensive purchase you make apart from housing.

Benchmarks Gauge Investment Markets

This report focuses on using market benchmarks to match investments to your financial objectives and needs.

Strategies for Building a Laddered Retirement Portfolio

If the goal of saving for retirement is to provide financial security, then a key objective of retirement portfolio ...

Investing Long Term? Don’t Overlook the Inflation Factor!

Inflation can eat away at your savings. This report explains how you can defend against inflation.

Longevity Risk and Retirement Income

This article looks at the risks retirees face in outliving their assets and the steps they can take to reduce such risks.

Wealth Transfer in a Low-rate Environment

Despite the recent decision by the Federal Reserve to begin raising interest rates, there are still ways to transfer wealth…

Planning 2016: New Realities, New Expectations

Financial resolutions are only as good as your follow-through. Here are some planning considerations for the three key stages…

Focus on the Forest, Not the Trees, of Investing

For long-term investors, keeping a focus on big-picture goals, such as retirement, and not being distracted by day-to-day…

How Might Rising Interest Rates Affect Your Stock Investments?

History paints a picture of the effect that rising interest rates have had on the stock market in the past. Be prepared for…

Common Estate Planning Mistakes—and How to Avoid Them

Estate planning is complicated, and mistakes are common. Be smart and safe—work with a pro.

Calculating Taxes on Mutual Funds

Don’t wait until the last minute to think about taxes. Start planning for tax season now.

Plan Ahead for Gift Giving

Here are some ways to feel good about gift giving without blowing your budget.

Same Sex Marriage Ruling Raises New Tax Issues

The recent Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage brought joy and relief to many—but it also introduced myriad new ...

Using ETFs in Tactical Asset Allocation Strategies

Tactical asset allocation is the practice of fine-tuning an investment portfolio to meet changing market conditions…

Intergenerational Wealth Planning: A Win-Win for the Whole Family

Wealth transfer is a sensitive topic within families. But addressing it is crucial to ensuring that a planning process is ...

Interest Rates: What’s the Connection to Your Portfolio?

Here’s how rising or falling interest rates could affect your investment strategies.

What is a Stretch IRA?

This article discusses how a stretch IRA can help “stretch” tax deferral to a younger beneficiary after an account owner’s death

Keep Emotions at Bay with an Investment Policy Statement

Chances are your investment strategy calls for some portion of your portfolio to be invested in stocks to help you reach ...

How Much Health Insurance Do I Need?

The answer is simple: enough to ensure that if you (or a covered family member) get sick or injured, you’re not footing the ...

Is Your Portfolio “In Style” or Making a Bad Fashion Statement?

This article explains how a portfolio can become unbalanced due to unexpected changes in the funds’ holdings.

Early 401(k) Withdrawals Hamper Long-Term Retirement Savings

Even as 401(k) contribution limits rise, many plan participants are using their retirement accounts more for withdrawals…

Trading Places: Baby Boomers More Aggressive Than Millennials In Retirement Goals

When Baby Boomers have become more aggressive in their investment stance than the youngest of investors, it is time to reset ...

Student Loan Debt: A Lingering Burden for Aging Americans

The number of Americans in or nearing retirement who are still holding significant debt from student loans has been rising in re

Roth 401(k)s Gaining Ground, Enhancing Retirement Readiness

The use of Roth 401(k)s by retirement plan sponsors has been on the uptick for the past several years…

What Is the Difference Between Disability Insurance and Long-Term Insurance?

Disability insurance is designed to protect wages lost due to an illness or accident. In contrast, long-term care insurance ...

The Challenge of Supporting Your Grown Children

As more and more adult children opt to stay at home longer, parents can face new challenges in making ends meet.

Worried About Inflation? Consider TIPS

Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS) are bonds issued by the U.S. Treasury whose principal is adjusted by changes ...

Medicare and Social Security: A Good News, Bad News Story

The latest Trustees’ Reports for Medicare and Social Security delivered a good news, bad news story for these two government pro

Young Adults and the New Health Care Landscape

A recent survey explored the attitudes of young adults regarding the new health care landscape and the Affordable Care Act.

Role Reversal: When Children Should Talk to Parents About Money

As Baby Boomers grow older—and presumably wiser about economic matters—more are finding themselves in a position of ...

The Real Cost of College: Crunching the Numbers

Who can afford a $60,000-a-year college education? The truth is the majority of college students pay nowhere near that amount.

Sequence of Returns—A Critical Factor in Shaping Your Retirement Outlook

One of the key determinants of retirement income planning is the expected rate of return on your investments. Conventional

Ten Sure Ways to Lose Money in Stocks

Are you looking to wipe out your savings? Here are 10 proven ways to manage your stock portfolio into the ground in no time.

Dollar Cost Averaging: A Simple and System

When the economy and the stock market send mixed signals, investors inevitably ask, “Is this a good time to invest?” But ...

Bequest or Beneficiary: In Estate Planning, the Difference is Cruicial

When planning your estate, be sure you understand the differences between bequests spelled out in a will and beneficiary ...

New IRS Ruling Eases Plan-to-Plan Rollover of Assets

The IRS has issued guidance that simplifies the transfer of assets between all types of qualified retirement plans…

You and Your Business: Choosing the Right Form of Ownership

The form of ownership you choose for your company can have lasting legal, financial, and tax implications…

Preferred Stock: A Hybrid Investment

While technically an equity investment, shares of preferred stock pay a dividend, usually on a quarterly basis ...

Target-Date Funds Will Garner Majority of 401(k) Contributions by 2018

Over the past several years target-date funds have enjoyed a rapid ascent in the defined contribution plan space, surging ...

Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Whether you need travel insurance is likely to depend on your level of coverage from existing homeowner’s, medical ...

I Received an Inheritance. How Is This Money Taxed?

How your inheritance is taxed will depend on your relationship to the deceased and other factors…

Following Court Ruling, IRS Clarifies IRA Rollover Rule

A U.S. Tax Court ruling on IRA rollovers has the IRS changing its longstanding position.

Employers Ramping Up Retirement Plan Features, Advisory Services

Employers are taking action to boost their retirement plan programs. Find out what actions are the most prevalent. ...

Survey: Retirement Confidence Recovers for Those With Retirement Plans

The Employee Benefit Research Institute’s (EBRI) annual Retirement Confidence Survey found a marked increase in retirement ...

What Are Health Savings Accounts?

As health care costs continue to rise, consumers must find ways to ensure that they have the funds to pay for medical ...

Working Past Your Normal Retirement Age

The Great Recession has many older Americans considering the prospects of staying in the workforce past their normal ...

Your Choices, Your Goals—Make The Right Match

With thousands of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds to choose from, even the most seasoned investor can find building a portfolio

Will You Pass The College Savings Test?

Did you know that on average, a college graduate earns over 80% more than someone with just a high-school diploma?

Long-Term Care: Realities and Planning Steps

The average annual cost of a semi-private room in a nursing home is currently over $80,000 per year, with significant ...

Planning For The Future - What Motivates You?

It used to be that Americans could count on a pension plus Social Security to get them through their Golden Years. ...

What’s The Best Way To Save Money For Children And Grandchildren

If you’re thinking about giving money to minor children, such as a new grandchild, it might make sense to take advantage ...

Four Tips For Tax-Savvy Investors

A century ago, author Mark Twain wrote that the difference between a taxidermist and a tax collector is that the taxidermist ...

Three Key Retirement Income Considerations

There are two factors that can determine whether you’ll have a comfortable retirement: The amount of money you’ve saved and ...

Moving Money Electronically—Your Protections and Risks

As electronic banking increasingly becomes the favored means of moving money, the security risks posed by online transfers ...

Reinvest Fund Dividends for Long-Term Growth

Reinvesting your income distributions can be an important and easy way to potentially enhance your investment returns.

Does Your Portfolio Reflect Your Risk Tolerance?

When it comes to investing, many people associate risk with losing money.

Creating A Plan For Effective Wealth Transfer

Have you implemented estate planning strategies to help pass along more of your wealth to your heirs?